Washoe Brewery - 2nd Floor Kitchen & Bathroom Industrial/Rustic Addition

In 2016 Black Dog Antiques opened for business in Anaconda, Montana.  The store has been a huge success and I decided that it's time that I start a blog to share all of the upcycled projects that I have done with items that I purchased in the store.   I thought that my ideas may inspire you to try some of these on your own.  I'd also love to see what upcycled projects you have done and share them on the blog.

In 2020, we expanded to include Black Dog Interiors (a division of Black Dog Antiques) after I graduated from The Interior Design Institute,  Black Dog Antiques and Interiors is located the historic Washoe Brewery Building.  I have owned the building since 2006 and have made numerous updates to the building.  This blog will show some of my projects.

My first project that I'd like to share is my kitchen & bathroom project that was done in 2017.  The goal with this project was to limit the number of items that were purchased new.  And other than the shower stall, toilet and faucets, everything else came from the store or from my storage.  The challenge of this project was the size of the area 14 feet by 9 feet for both rooms.   Check out the project from start to finish.

Washoe Brewery Kitchen & Bathroom industrial/Rustic Addition - 2nd floor

A 14’ x 9” area was turned into a kitchen and full bathroom.  Every square inch was needed to complete this project.  Other than the bathroom sink/vanity, toilet and shower, everything else was sourced from Black Dog Antiques. The adjoining wall was papered with vintage newspapers from the 1930”s.  The antique barn wood floor is the emphasis in the room.  It is used in the kitchen and bath creating balance and unity between the two spaces. The wood was sourced from a local ranch house and includes carvings from the ranch hands.  The red pieces of wood that are pieced into the floor and also used as baseboards, are from the barn that housed the Washoe Brewery horses. 

In the kitchen, an antique Carpenter’s bench was used instead of lower cabinets. An antique sink was installed using plumbing pipes for the frame.  Plumbing pipes were also used as a pot rack, towel rack and shelf brackets.  Open shelves were added above the sink.  Stainless steel range and refrigerator are the only modern finishes in the room.

The bathroom has a modern vanity/sink, toilet and shower.  However, the finishes (mirror, medicine cabinet and shelves) were sourced from Black Dog Antiques. A barn wood book case was added for storage. Plumbing pipes were used for shelf brackets, robe hooks toilet paper holder and towel racks add unity with the adjoining kitchen.  A barn door is original to the building and was sourced from the 4th floor.





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